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VIRTUAL DOORS OPEN OCTOBER 26, 2020 ON TEACHABLE. (Price good through 10/31.)   Information will be emailed to you upon purchase.

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About the Course

TDTCTC About the Course

In addition to the information in the course, and the ABUNDANCE OF RESOURCES and PLC ideas available,

if you request a copy of my dissertation, I will make it available. The research has been used in Africa, the Netherlands, Canada, and England. After your product purchase, if you request it, I will share it.

AND on more thing – there’s probably more – but to let you know, when you make your product purchase, you will be the first to receive information on the release of my new book, Grounded Learning: Education’s Recovery Plan allowing you to access the Kindle version for a limited time cost of .99 cents.

Why such a great deal for product? Well, firstly, you are RISE UP Educators and secondly, we are living in a time when we have to pull out all the stops, and that means equipping, empowering, and connecting with you takes precedence over any other objective. This information will be made available through a Facebook group set up specifically for this purpose.  If for some reason, you don’t have a Facebook account, we will find another way to get you the information to you, you will just need to let us know at info@everychildwhole.com.


Dr. Ivy’s training was rated by our staff the highest out of all the training which we have done in 2019.  Dr. Ivy addresses the effect of trauma in the environment upon a child’s ability to learn. Through exercises of application, she tailored specifically to our inner city audience. Our teachers walked away with an understanding of their students and practical ideas for immediate application in their classrooms. MG, Texas

The strategies and knowledge gained by the course participants on staff has allowed for increased collaboration and as a result better service to students and families. GH, Tennessee

What a great pleasure and privilege it has been to work with Dr. Ivy Bonk. A compassionate, and leading thinker in the impact of trauma on learning and development, Ivy continues to help various individuals deal with trauma and related issues. Her course, When Trauma Goes to School is a big hit with teachers in the 1 Million Teachers development program and is in no small way providing tools to help teachers and their students cope with trauma in their lives. HS, Africa

Trauma affects every culture and economic level of society. The Day Trauma Came to Class comprehensively tackles the challenge every teacher faces in understanding effects of trauma on student learning. Dr. Ivy Bonk brings an in-depth understanding through this course to help teachers navigate with success some of the multiple variables trauma can bring into the classroom.” RS, Florida


The Day Trauma Came to Class is the course created specifically for educators.  There are three modules consisting of 13 segments. With each segment there are additional resources, questions to assess knowledge, as well as additional activities for extended learning for yourself or with your professional learning community.  The video segments are quick TedTalk size ranging 15-25 minutes.  


Module 1 – When the High Need is Your High Call

  • Segment 1 – Poverty, Trauma, and Your Professional Teaching Standards
    LO: Describe how a knowledge of poverty and trauma can equip participants to successfully
    meet professional teaching standards and why that is important
  • Segment 2 – Living the Golden Rule in Your Classroom
    LO: Demonstrate understanding of SAFETM strategy and how to apply it in their classroom
  • Segment 3 – Attachment and Resilience: The Yin and Yang of Trauma
    LO: Identify the different types of attachment and associated traits




Module 2 – The Traumatized Brain at School

  • Segment 1 – What Does It Look Like in Your Classroom
    LO: Describe the construct of dysregulation, its cause, and its impact on learning
  • Segment 2 – One Size Does Not Fit All
    LO: Describe the variables impacting trauma
  • Segment 3 – It’s All a Matter of Perspective
    LO: Describe the purpose of using models and frameworks for understanding and sharing complex topics
  • Segment 4 – One Things Leads to Another
    LO: Explain how symptoms of trauma can mimic learning disabilities
  • Segment 5 – The Lost Child Theory
    LO: Describe The Lost Child Theory and its impact on children of trauma.


Module 3 – The Educator’s Bankshot

  • Segment 1 – Start with the End in Mind
    LO: Describe The Educator’s BankshotTM as well as explain why it is important
  • Segment 2 – The Affective and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
    LO: Describe the research regarding the impact of trauma
    on the affective and behavioral processes
  • Segment 3 – The Educator’s Response to the Affective and Behavioral
    LO: Identify strategies for responding to the affective and behavioral impact of trauma
  • Segment 4 – The Cognitive Impact of Trauma
    LO: Describe the research regarding the impact of trauma on cognitive processes
  • Segment 5 – The Educator’s Response to the Cognitive
    LO: Identify strategies for responding to the cognitive impact of trauma