EQ2iQ Race to Empathy

EQ2iQ Race to Empathy Taste and See Event


I know we are getting ready to go on Christmas break, and we all have our lists of things to do, and frankly just ready to be done, BUT before you go we wanted to invite you to an event we are confident will equip you and your programs going forward into the new year.  It’s Saturday, December 12, 10AM-12:30PM ET.  Network Connect and Every Child Whole, in partnership with YouEQ, is sponsoring the EQ2iQ Race to Empathy Taste and See event.  

During this time of much transition and chaos, we can become almost trauma-avoidant, it an instinctive response to survive.  While understandable, it doesn’t give any place for the social and emotional learning to take place and resiliency to happen.  I tell people, we are attempting to build 10-story high rises on 200 sq ft of emotional real estate. This does not work, and certainly does not serve your programs and students well.  

The concept for EQ2iQ Race to Empathy was birthed out of the unrest of recent months and the recognition for the need to expand our capacity to communicate and host what might be uncomfortable conversations in a way that is honoring and respectful. EQ2iQ Race to Empathy is built on neuro-gamification. BRAIN SCIENCE and game dynamics coming together to help bridge the gap between the emotions and the cognitive. EQ2iQ Race to Empathy can be used in the classroom, in the home, even in the office, and is an excellent tool and resource for mental health, case managers, and social service providers.

FREE, no obligation, no back end sales.  We WILL tell you where to access free course on YouEQ’s core game and where you can pick up a set of the EQ2iQ Race to Empathy cards to discover and explore for yourself. NOTE:  Game play learned in this Taste and See applies to core EQ2iQ game used with younger students.  Any questions, please email info@everychildwhole.com.


TASTE and SEE Agenda

-Introduction to the Brain Science/How the Game Works

-Crosswalk – Brief mention of TRAUMA and SEL connect

-Large group game play demo

-Breakout room game play / Share experience


-Breakout room game play / Share experience

-Debrief with Feedback