Our Values

Below are some of the values we believe contribute to the pursuit of equitable foundations in education necessary for story telling.

GOLDEN RULE – treat children the way you wanted to be treated when you were a child. This is a timeless principle found in the ancient writings of many world religions. It’s been proven time and time and time again. Prior to being in relationship with someone, I can’t know or be expected to know how they want to be treated. What I do know is how I want to be treated. I wanted to be respected, feel love and accepted, and like I believe. Therefore, in turn, I respond to others from that same place.

JUSTICE – the equal access to opportunity. People can make choices not to take advantage of opportunities, but they should not be denied of that opportunity.

PERSONAL AGENCY – the drive and freedom to act on one’s own volition, unhindered and without causing hindrance.

COHERENCE – the pursuit of context, connection, functionality, and order (first things first)  in an effort to reduce or avoid fragmentation and incongruence.

COMMUNITY – the coming together of a collective for a common purpose.

UNITY IN DIVERSITY – the ability to find value add as well as fair and balanced treatment amongst a variety of differences, see Golden Rule.

EMPATHY – the consideration, appreciation, and respect for another’s experience.

COMPASSION – the ability to be with someone without judgment in their joy and in their suffering.