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Resources for Identifying Strengths in Your Students 

The Kolbe Y can be used with students as young as 4th grade.  This profile assesses instinctive strengths.  The cost for this assessment is $14.95.  This is a great way to partner with community. The chances are pretty good that you have a small business in your community that would love to invest in your classroom in this way.  This type of invaluable information is not only beneficial for you, but can be shared with other teachers and support staff that are working together to ensure the student succeeds.  Don’t forget about your parents!!  Even if the parents contribute in some small way, they feel a part of this process and they may learn something new about their young person in the process.

Differing from a tool like the Kolbe, is the Myers Briggs that looks at personality traits.   If you are not familiar with the Myers Briggs, you can learn more and explore ideas for your classroom at

Another tool is the Strengths Finder developed by Gallup.  Below are links to related resources.